Sapphire: Here's The Facts

Second only to a diamond, a sapphire is the hardest gem coming in at a 9 on the Mohs Scale of mineral hardness, and like a diamond, ruby, and emerald, a sapphire...

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What Are Sapphires

What Are Sapphires: Here's The Answer

The Sapphires – in that exquisite velvety blue – is the birthstone for September. But, did you know that blue is the favourite colour of roughly 50% of the population...

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Pearls Vancouver

Where to Buy Pearls, Vancouver

If your birthday is in June, you probably know your birthstone is the exquisite, translucent pearl. But, did you know that pearls were known in ancient times and became the...

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How to Buy Emeralds in Vancouver

How to Buy Emeralds

We all know that the ruby is the King of gems and therefore the undisputed ruler of the gem world. My belief, however, is that the Emerald is a serious contender...

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Precious and Semi Precious Gemstones

Precious and Semi Precious Gemstones: Here's The Details

Gemstones are classified as Precious or Semi-precious but what do we really know about these terms, who created them, where, when and why? I’ve often wondered about these questions –...

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Pantone Colors Gemstones

Pantone Colors Gemstones: Here's The Details

As you know, the Pantone Colour Institute in New Jersey, U.S. picks a specific colour for every year. Most often, their choice is applauded by the fashion industry that then...

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Purple Tanzanite Gemstone

How to Buy Tanzanite Gemstone in Vancouver

Unlike many other gemstones – Moonstone, Pearl, Opal, Lapis Lazuli, and Amethyst that were known in antiquity –Tanzanite is a youngster or even a baby in gem-world terms of age...

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Chalcedony Gemstones

Chalcedony Gemstones: Some Interesting Facts

Chalcedony is a gemstone I’m not at all familiar with, couldn’t pick it out if it were in a collection of other gemstones. Having come across it in a novel...

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Topaz Gemstones

Topaz Gemstones: Colours, History & Myths

If your birthday is in November you know the Topaz is one of your birthstones. The Topaz is sometimes referred to as a precious stone while at other times it...

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Yellow gemstones

Yellow Gemstones: Buying Guide

Yellow is one of my favourite colours because it goes with every colour in the spectrum, even giving those colours desirable golden highlights. Yellow stones also brighten up your looks...

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Zultanite Stone, Jewelry and Gemstones

Zultanite Stone, Jewelry and Gemstones

When I think of this gemstone I’m immediately mentally transported to a different time and place featuring the image of a Sultan from ancient Persia. In fact, I’m not far...

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Quartz Gemstones & Jewelry

Quartz Gemstones & Jewelry Buying Guide

Until quite recently I associated quartz only with watches or other time pieces that require constant, precise oscillation in an electrical field and while this is correct quartz is also...

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