Vancouver Jewelry Designers

Vancouver Jewelry Designers

Vancouver Jewelry Designers

The image that comes into mind of a jewelry designer is a person with charcoal in one hand busy sketching the design he/she can clearly see in his/her mind’s eye. Now visually on paper, the design is in not fancy, but it’s ready to be given substance. The image design in this instance (right hand side picture) is a ring and Joe the jewelry designer at LL Private Jewellers in Vancouver, who when he just 13 years old, was drawing and designing jewelry.

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By the time he was 16 he had a portfolio of designs and an increased passion for unique jewellery and knew exactly what his life’s work would be. Recognizing that his passion and dedication to jewelry, his parents enrolled him into an exclusive jewellery design school where he graduated head of the class. Then, for 8 years he apprenticed at jewelry manufacturing establishment learning all the intricacies of gold and metal working. His talents like his creations are amazing, beautiful, and exceptional. You certainly will enjoy meeting and working with this passionate, dedicated, and oh-so-talented master craftsman while he makes your diamond ring(s), first from wax, then in the metal of your choosing or preference.

Maybe you know about diamonds, their quality, and flaws but if you don’t and want an education about diamonds and other gemstones, and the type of metal(s) used for engagement and wedding rings today, our jewelry designer Joe is the person to talk to. He will work with you to create your jewelry design that you perhaps have sketched for him or help you choose one of the many of his own jewelry designs to suit your personality or preference. And, if you’re fortunate enough to have a collection of precious stones that you want reset into a new ring, jewelry designer Joe will line them up and know exactly how they will look and where to place them in a new jewelry design.

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