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Custom Jewelry Vancouver - Custom Jewellers

Custom Jewelry Vancouver - Custom Jewellers

LL Private Jewellers makes and designs elegant custom jewelry Vancouver with exceptional quality. We help you express your personality – and your love.

Tell us about yourself, or the special person who inspires you. Our jewelry designer will design a unique and beautiful piece that includes the message, symbol and style you ask for.

Custom Jewelry Vancouver

We design jewelry inspired by you and made for you.

We create a perfect piece for you to celebrate your special occasion, from an anniversary or wedding to a graduation, birthday, retirement or other important milestones.

Express yourself through jewelry that is made just for you – with brilliance and beauty.

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”When I purchase custom jewelry Vancouver , what am I paying for?”

Our customers often want to know exactly what they are paying for when they purchase custom jewelry. We help them understand everything that goes into the value of the jewelry they are buying.

  • Custom design of your custom jewelry piece (if you cannot provide a design)
  • Hand-carved wax or computer-aided designed in 3D
  • Gold, platinum or palladium
  • Diamonds, color gemstones, or pearls
  • Wax casting
  • Metal finishing
  • Setting the diamonds or color gemstones
  • 100% made in Canada, the quality of the workmanship

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