How to Buy Emeralds

August 03, 2021
How to Buy Emeralds in Vancouver

We all know that the ruby is the King of gems and therefore the undisputed ruler of the gem world. My belief, however, is that the Emerald is a serious contender for that title because, to my mind, the Emerald is a superior gem and therefore worthy of that designation. Failing that, the Emerald should be named the Queen with equal stature with the ruby because their respective distinctly different colours are synonymous with life and living: the ruby’s connection or association being blood, with the Emerald being reminiscent of spring and therefore new life. I love green and its promise of new life so perhaps that is why the Emerald is my absolute favourite gemstone and is ‘top drawer’ when compared with all the other green gems:  green diamonds, green tourmaline, green garnet, green beryl, and green jade that are certainly beautiful but pale in comparison to the Emerald’s breath-taking gorgeous, radiant colour.

But the Emerald has more to it than its magnificent, glowing colour. For example, did you know the Emerald was the most highly-prized gem in antiquity and held in the highest esteem by both by the ancient Romans and the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt, and that mining of these precious gems dates way back to the first century BC in a mountain area in Egypt’s Eastern Desert?  And, equally astonishing, Emeralds stones were mentioned in the Vedic Sacred Texts (Scriptures) of Hinduism 1,500-1,000 BCE because they were considered good luck and believed to possess unique healing powers. The Aztecs and Incas also revered the Emerald believing it to be a holy gemstone. So now you know the Emerald’s impeccable pedigree.

I could tell you how Emeralds are formed deep within the earth but my knowledge of elements and minerals is extremely limited, so sufficient to say Emeralds, and also aquamarine, belong to the Beryl family of gems, but only Emeralds have been given that incredibly beautiful, glowing Emerald green colour. Interesting too is the fact that Emeralds often have cracks, fissures, or inclusions (like the needles in the ruby) that  would be considered flaws or imperfections in many gems, but not so in the Emerald’s case; rather, to the connoisseurs they are the gem’s unique features.

And to those of you who were born in May you know this extraordinary Emerald gem in your birthstone.

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