Custom Engagement Rings Vancouver

Custom Engagement Rings Vancouver

Custom Engagement Rings Vancouver

You’re engaged! Congratulations! Now comes the big decision, where to buy the engagement ring. You may have already checked out the rings in jewelry stores, both high-end and low-end and gasped at their ticket prices. You may have seen one or two rings you like but you know for certain you just don’t want to run-of-the mill ring, just like everyone else’s.

You want an extraordinary, extra-special diamond ring of your own design, uniquely yours, created by a master craftsman, exactly the way you dreamed or envisioned it in your mind.

Custom Engagement Rings Vancouver

Custom Engagement Rings Are Attention Grabbers

I often comment on rings I see on the hands of perfect strangers because they are so beautiful and different, and I am almost speechless when told they were custom-made to his and/or her specifications. Those rings are definite attention grabbers and in absolutely no way can they be compared to mass-produced engagement rings such as those that are manufactured in China and sold in Canada; or other jewelry stores at colossal mark-up prices. The best example of this is the Princess Diana ring, now on the hand of Kate, Duchess of Cambridge.

Certainly, it is a beautiful ring but the copies out of China, like some of the Chinese-made engagement rings, are inferior in every way and has cheapen the ring and are definitely not worth the price. Anyway if you’re creative, the best thing you can do is book an appointment at LL Private Jewellers where you can design your own custom diamond engagement ring in the stones of your choosing or preference in whatever setting, in whatever metal you prefer to make the ring uniquely yours; not another one anywhere exactly the same as yours!

You Won’t Believe How Comparable a
Custom Diamond Engagement Ring Costs

We all know that weddings cost an arm and a leg these days by hiring a caterer, the photographer, the flowers, the location, etc. etc. So if you’re trying to keep your costs down, it’s understandable, because some weddings cost more than a down-payment on a house! But again, you’re ahead of the game when you order a custom engagement ring fashioned by the creative jewelry designer at LL Private Jewellers.

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