Wholesale Diamonds Vancouver

Wholesale Diamonds Vancouver

Wholesale Diamonds Vancouver

Custom Diamonds Vancouver - Wholesale Prices

What you need to know before you buy diamonds:

  1. Before you buy diamonds, you should see the diamonds, touch the diamonds and be educated about the diamonds
  2. Before you buy diamonds, educate yourself about the 4Cs – carat, color, clarity, cut. For more information, visit GIA.
  3. Always appraise your diamond jewelry by an independent experienced gemologist.
  4. Ask the gemologist to help you understand the diamond report and the appraisal for your diamond jewelry
  5. Always insure your diamonds jewelry with your insurance representative
  6. Learn why you should buy diamonds with GIA report.
  7. We sell Canadian diamonds, conflict free diamonds
  8. We sell fine quality diamonds of all shapes, colors and sizes at wholesale prices.

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