Diamond & Gem Setting Vancouver

Diamond & Gem Setting Vancouver

Diamond & Gem Setting Vancouver

We offer a diamond setting service for jewellery, watch bracelets and watch frames.

Our highly-trained diamond and gem setters ensure each piece is mounted safely and securely to show off maximum brilliance.

Only the most skilled diamond and gem setters master this fine art. They must take great care to avoid chipping or damaging the gemstone.

A great gem setting will have symmetry and a clean look. You will see that symmetry in the prongs and channel walls, the matched beads in pave or the clean outline of a bezel setting.

We take pride in the symmetry and overall radiance of our creations that stand out in any setting.

Diamond Setting and Gem Setting

Choose a gemstone setting for the elegant look that you want.

Prong or Claw Diamond Setting.

The gemstone sits securely within prongs of gold, silver or other precious metals.

Bezel Diamond Setting.

The setting is hammered or burnished to envelope the stone.

Channel Diamond Setting.

A “wall” is hammered on two sides of the stone.

Bead or Pave Diamond Setting.

The gemstone is nestled between a structure of beads that help protect the treasure. Pave diamond setting is very popular for engagement and wedding rings.

Novo Diamond Setting.

The gemstone is set in a “V” or “U”-shaped prongs.

Gypsy or Flush Diamond Setting.

We sink the gemstone into a mounting of gold, silver or platinum.

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