Goldsmith Vancouver

Goldsmith Vancouver

Goldsmith Vancouver

Goldsmith use frequently: polishing, buffing, tipping and cleaning to remove imperfections and return the item to its former beauty and elegance. Imagine you have a ring, perhaps your wedding ring, that you’ve been wearing for ten or more years and one day you find a nick or scratch on it.

You wouldn’t consider a new one so your obvious choice is to take it to goldsmith, preferably LL Private Jewellers for repair to return it to its original perfection. The goldsmith at LL Private Jewellers is an expert in every type or aspect of precious metal finishing to remove any imperfection or blemish on everything gold or platinum. You and your ring couldn’t be in better hands.

Another scenario, when you discover you’ve lost a stone in a ring because of a loose or damaged prong. What you may not know, however, is that prongs need to be re-tipped every ten years to prevent such a catastrophe or a sharp edge occurring. In an instance such as this, the goldsmith may add new metal to an old prong and solder it into place with good quality gold to ensure a quality repair job, or he may prefer torch re-tipping to blend new metal into the old prong to make it to make it look like a whole new piece or belonging to the original. This surely is an art. Another re-tipping method is laser welding. This is a newer method than the torch and definitely quicker and more accurate but done wrong there is potential for damaging or destroying the stone if the laser beam hits an impurity in the stone, whether a diamond or coloured gemstone. Only a goldsmith can make the determination as to the best method for the repair. Other methods include brushing, hammering, micro-blasting, burnishing, also at the goldsmith’s discretion as in when and where to use.

Goldsmiths recommend you take your ring(s) once a year for inspection and cleaning – a sort of pre-emptive strike to check for damage or wear & tear. If the Prongs are in any way damaged – cracked, broken, or bent – repairs can be done on the spot. Even if no noticeable damage, rings should be re-tipped every ten years to avoid potential catastrophes such as snagging or worse the loss of the gemstone(s).

The absolute best thing you can do for your precious jewellery is to take it to the goldsmith at LL Private Jewellers 604-684-6343 for all repairs including professional cleaning to keep it looking its best.


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