Pearl Jewelry Vancouver

Pearl Jewelry Vancouver

Pearl Jewelry Vancouver

Pearls are naturally beautiful jewels that come from the bottom of the sea.

Pearls necklaces, rings, pendants and earrings are treasures to behold. Those who are lucky enough to wear them stand out with rare elegance. Before you buy a pearls, you should touch it and feel it in your hands.

Understand the true value of pearls jewelry

Pearls jewelry is appraised like other kinds of gemstone or precious metal jewelry.

The best pearls are known for their large size, shape, color, peerless surface quality, desired type and mirror-like luster.

  • Size.
    While the “classic” size of pearl is 7 millimeters, more valuable pearls can be larger. For naturally-occurring pearls, size depends on the type of oyster that produced it, or how long the pearl grew in the oyster.
  • Color.
    The color you desire will depend on your skin tone. Customers with lighter skin look great in creamy white pearls that have a hint of pink. All skin colors go with black or gray pearls. Silver pearls look fantastic on darker skin tones. Choose the one that’s just for you.
  • Surface.
    A high quality surface has uniform color throughout, free from scratches or other imperfections.
  • Luster.
    The most valuable pearls typically reflect brilliantly, helping you stand out from the crowd in any lighting.
  • Type.
    Pearls only grow naturally in exotic locations around the world. The Akoya oyster beds thrive in Japan, Korea, Vietnam and China (which also hosts the freshwater variety). Tahitian Pearls, also called Black South Sea Pearls, grow in the warm waters off French Polynesia, the Cook Islands and the fragile but beautiful ecosystem around Fiji. South Sea Pearls are harvested in the beautiful waters around Australia and the archipelagos of Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

We sell fine pearls of all shapes, sizes, types and colors at very competitive prices.

LL Private Jewellers can help you choose the type of pearls that best match your style and occasion. You can find out more about pearls at pearl-guide, or get in touch with us to find out more about our pearls and pearls jewelry.

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