Metal Finishing

Metal Finishing

Metal Finishing

Metal Finishing

Our Vancouver Goldsmiths use brushing, hammering, micro-blasting, burnishing and other methods to make precious metals beautiful.

Metal Finishing gets rid of imperfections like sharp edges, scratches, incomplete details, or blurred finish. Such imperfections detract from the beauty, elegance, and feel of jewelry.

The result of our high-quality workmanship and attention to detail? No sharp edges. No imperfections. Just elegance.

High-quality metal finishing makes our custom jewelry stand out.

Our Vancouver Goldsmiths use a range of methods to create the perfect piece. Polishing can be done with compounds called rouges directly on the gold, silver or platinum surface. This gets rid of major imperfections.

The next step is buffing, using very fine abrasives which can be used to create a mirror-like finish. It can be used to deliver an intentionally duller luster if the prospective jewellery customer desires it.

Our metal finishing process creates beautiful and unique jewellery – every time.

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