About Us

About Us

Custom Jewellers in Vancouver

At LL Private Jewellers, our jewelry designers, goldsmiths and diamond setters has over 30 years of experience who will educate and involve you in the step-by-step custom jewellery design process.

We also do this to avoid any confusion about what the piece will look like when it’s finished.

You will see the piece gradually come to life in each stage and the result 99% of the time is a big smile.

We can really think out of the box and come up with spectacular design.


Custom Jewelry Designed Just for You

LL Private Jewellers’ designers bring you the sophistication of uniquely designed pieces of jewellery that embody a lifetime of cherished moments and memories that are uniquely special to YOU.

Most of our ideas come from discussions with our clients, assessing their needs and interests.

Constant communication is the key to creating a beautiful finished product that the customer will leave happy with.

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Start your custom design

To book an appointment Email: info@llprivatejewellers.com or Call: 604-684-6343