Ruby gemstone

Ruby Gemstone and Jewelry Information

If your birthday is in July, you know the Ruby is your birthstone. You might also know that the Ruby is one of the ‘top drawer’ or precious gemstones – the others...

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Tsavorite Gemstone

Tsavorite Gemstone: information and Buying Guides

Also known as the King of Green Gemstones, the Tsavorite is a member of the colourful Garnet Family of Gemstones. It is also one of the most popular and expensive varieties of...

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Goldsmith Vancouver

The Best Goldsmith in Vancouver

I recently watched a TV program about the Roman conquest of Britain and was not at all surprised when the narrator displayed a gold coin from that era. I wasn’t...

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How Much Should You Spend On Engagement Ring?

How much should you spend on engagement ring?

A diamond engagement ring is a precious gift for any woman – but it can also be a huge expense. You need to think carefully about how much you are...

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Best Jewelry Store Vancouver, BC

Best Jewelry Store Vancouver, BC

Whether you are looking for engagement rings, wedding bands, or simply a piece to wear on a day-to-day basis, you want to find something that fits your personality and is...

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Living Coral

Living Coral - Colour and All Other Information

Every year the Pantone Color Institute (New Jersey, U.S.A.) selects a new colour for that year. This year, 2019, that colour is Living Coral that has absolutely nothing to do...

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Jade Gemstone

Jade Gemstone, Jewelry - Here's The Facts

The first image that comes to mind when I think of jade is an unforgettable intricate ancient Chinese sculpture once featured on an episode of Antiques Roadshow whose appraisal value...

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New Gemstones

Latest Gemstone News, Details, and Information ( November 2021)

The birthstones – yes, there are two – for November are Topaz and Citrine. They are not related, as being in the same family, for the Topaz belongs to a silicate...

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Red Gemstones

Red Gemstones: Information & Buying Guide

Of all the colours in the spectrum red is the most eye-catching and the one that demands respect (a red fire engine or red traffic light) and, whether clothing (Julia...

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What is Gold, Platinum and Palladium

What is Gold, Platinum & Palladium

There is no such thing as white gold. The use of alloys hardens the gold to enhance its durability, such as silver, copper, zinc and nickel and the content of...

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How To Clean Jewelry

How To Clean Your Jewelry - Here's The Answer

How To Clean Your Jewelry: Keep your jewelry clean with a mixture of warm water and organic detergent. You can use soft toothbrush, rinse it well and dry. You can...

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Peridot Stones, Gemstone, Jewelry: Information and Colours

Do you know the Peridot gemstone? Those whose birthday is in August most certainly do because Peridot is your birthstone. For those of you who don’t know this beautiful gem you’re in...

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