Jewelry Repair Services Vancouver

Vancouver Jewelry Repair Services

A client came in today with an old ring in need of repair. It had been worn by his grandmother for 50+ years and left to him in her Will....

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Custom Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond Jewelry Guide: What’s New for 2021

What’s New for 2021?  In case you were wondering about what’s in or new in jewellery for 2021, you have a fabulous array of choices starting with the assigned colour for 2021,...

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Adura Cut Diamond

How to Buy Best Diamonds in Vancouver

“Twinkle, twinkle little star / How I wonder what you are / Up above the world so high / Like a diamond in the sky”. Most likely, everyone knows this...

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Diamond Engagement Rings in Vancouver

Diamond Engagement Rings

Getting engaged is surely one of life’s happiest and most significant events, for it not only lets the world know you’re part of a couple but also gives you the opportunity to...

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Jewelry Repair Vancouver BC by LL Private Jewellers Sapphire Ring (before)

Jewelry Repair Vancouver

A client brought this old ring to us for repair. Being almost 100 years old, it was in serious need of cleaning and restoration. When restored it was to be...

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Color Change Gemstones

Color Change Gemstones - Here's The List

A while ago I received an email about colour with the caption that colour brings out the total beauty of everything that surrounds us. To prove that statement and for...

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What is Tanzanite

What is Tanzanite, Gemstone & Jewelry: Facts About Tanzanite

What colour do you think of when someone mentions a tanzanite? Blue? Yes, it’s blue but not a true or solid blue like the colour of a summer sky, a...

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What is Moonstone

What is Moonstone Jewelry - Here's The Truth

Do you know the Moonstone? Have you ever seen a Moonstone? And did you know that the Moonstone, along with the pearl and the alexandrite, is a birthstone for June?...

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Tsavorite Stone

Tsavorite Stone Buying Guide Vancouver

We know the emerald is the birthstone for May but, being one of the big 4 or top drawer precious stones, an emerald has a high price tag. But if...

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Paraiba Tourmaline

Paraiba Tourmaline, Gemstones

I just couldn’t resist including a photo of this green tourmaline – not just any green tourmaline but the extremely rare Paraiba Tourmaline that was first discovered in Brazil’s Paraiba state in...

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Sapphire: Here's The Facts

Second only to a diamond, a sapphire is the hardest gem coming in at a 9 on the Mohs Scale of mineral hardness, and like a diamond, ruby, and emerald, a sapphire...

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What Are Sapphires

What Are Sapphires: Here's The Answer

The Sapphires – in that exquisite velvety blue – is the birthstone for September. But, did you know that blue is the favourite colour of roughly 50% of the population...

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