What is Moonstone

What is Moonstone Jewelry - Here's The Truth

Do you know the Moonstone? Have you ever seen a Moonstone? And did you know that the Moonstone, along with the pearl and the alexandrite, is a birthstone for June?...

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Tsavorite Stone

Tsavorite Stone Buying Guide Vancouver

We know the emerald is the birthstone for May but, being one of the big 4 or top drawer precious stones, an emerald has a high price tag. But if...

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Paraiba Tourmaline

Paraiba Tourmaline, Gemstones

I just couldn’t resist including a photo of this green tourmaline – not just any green tourmaline but the extremely rare Paraiba Tourmaline that was first discovered in Brazil’s Paraiba state in...

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Sapphire: Here's The Facts

Second only to a diamond, a sapphire is the hardest gem coming in at a 9 on the Mohs Scale of mineral hardness, and like a diamond, ruby, and emerald, a sapphire...

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What Are Sapphires

What Are Sapphires: Here's The Answer

The Sapphires – in that exquisite velvety blue – is the birthstone for September. But, did you know that blue is the favourite colour of roughly 50% of the population...

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Pearls Vancouver

Where to Buy Pearls, Vancouver

If your birthday is in June, you probably know your birthstone is the exquisite, translucent pearl. But, did you know that pearls were known in ancient times and became the...

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How to Buy Emeralds in Vancouver

How to Buy Emeralds

We all know that the ruby is the King of gems and therefore the undisputed ruler of the gem world. My belief, however, is that the Emerald is a serious contender...

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Why Are Diamonds So Valuable

Why Are Diamonds So Valuable

Ice, sparkle, bling, beautiful, glitter, marvel, wonder, desirable, expensive, status, conflict, brilliance, fancy, awe-inspiring, carbon. When I think of a diamond the above words immediately come to mind as does...

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Diamonds and Sapphires

Sapphire vs Diamonds: Here's The Difference

Also known as the King of all Blue gems, the Blue Sapphire is the stone that has long been associated with and a favourite of royalty and people in power,...

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Precious and Semi Precious Gemstones

Precious and Semi Precious Gemstones: Here's The Details

Gemstones are classified as Precious or Semi-precious but what do we really know about these terms, who created them, where, when and why? I’ve often wondered about these questions –...

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White gemstones

White Gemstones - Information, Buying Guide

Where gemstones are concerned Colour is King but what of the white or colourless gems? Should they be discounted or overlooked simply because they lack colour? Certainly not, since one...

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Purple violet amethyst, iolite, tanzanite, rubellite, sapphire, spinel

Ultra Violet Gemstones, Jewelry

Pantone Pantone’s colour choice for 2018 is Ultra Violet, an intense, exhilarating, stimulating, even intoxicating colour similar to the colour of the Amethyst but a deeper or more intense shade of...

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