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November 13, 2021

Do you know the Peridot gemstone? Those whose birthday is in August most certainly do because Peridot is your birthstone. For those of you who don’t know this beautiful gem you’re in for a lovely surprise, especially if you like or even love green, because it is the colour of new leaves and it is therefore the ideal gem to compliment light summer clothing.

But its beautiful green colour with just a hint of gold could also make it the perfect birthstone for November or December when green is in short supply in nature to add a splash of colour to dark winter clothing or just to give a much needed lift or to brighten up the dark, dreary days of late fall and winter.

But how green is the Peridot? Well, that’s a matter of debate with no clear consensus because it has been described as lime green, olive green, or emerald green. Describing it as olive green is totally understandable because its source is the mineral olivine and, in fact, in much earlier times it was simply known as the olivine gemstone. Describing it as an emerald colour is also not surprising because it has often been mistaken for an emerald.

The differences between the Peridot and the emerald though are the intensity of colour: the Peridot being a softer intensity and softer also in terms of hardness at a 6.5-7 on the Mohs Scale. But whatever the colour or shade of green, it is a beautiful gemstone that compliments every other gemstone so if you’re of a mind to design your own jewellery know that it pairs well with ruby, alexandrite, opal, onyx, white topaz, red and green garnets, citrine, tourmaline, and my favourites tanzanite, blue topaz, and aquamarine.


The Peridot is an ancient stone, known as far back as Egypt’s pharaonic times and therefore no surprise that it is Egypt’s national gemstone. It was first discovered in 1500 BC on the Topazo Island (now known as St. John’s Island) in the Red Sea where it was believed to have magical and mystical powers. In ancient Rome too Pliny the Elder in 50 AD wrote that for the strongest magic the Peridot must always be worn on the right arm and regarding its colour he compared the Peridot to hot coals saying in daylight hours it is dull whereas at night it glows like a hot coal.

Equally interesting as to its origin is the fact that in 1749 it was found in a meteorite that landed on a desolate, uninhabited area in Siberia while on earth it was born of fire from volcanic eruptions.


Unlike many other gemstones – e.g. garnet, topaz, tourmaline, tanzanite that come in different colours – the Peridot is one colour only, green or various shades of green. Its colour range though is light yellowish-green, lime green to a darker olive green, to a brownish-green and the most desirable a brilliant green without a hint of yellow or brown, which has earned the Peridot the name the ‘Evening Emerald’ because it seems to glow in artificial light.


With such an impressive pedigree dating all the way back to ancient Egypt it’s hardly surprising that the Peridot is said or believed to possess certain mystical powers such as increasing the wearer/owner’s self-esteem, aiding him/her to let go of guilt, as a talisman to protect him/her against psychic attack and, being a stone of warm energy, bring light and beauty into his/her life. As well, it is particularly important in financial matters because it is believed to promote growth in prosperity and increase the flow of money to the wearer/owner. Hence its label: the Prosperity and Happiness gemstone.

Therefore, even if it is not your birthstone, you might consider it as a worthwhile addition to your jewellery wardrobe so I suggest you make tracks to LL Private Jewellers where you can see this brilliant green gem for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

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