How To Clean Your Jewelry - Here's The Answer

November 28, 2021
How To Clean Jewelry

How To Clean Your Jewelry:

  • Keep your jewelry clean with a mixture of warm water and organic detergent. You can use soft toothbrush, rinse it well and dry.
  • You can also clean it very gently with a polishing cloth.
  • Do not clean your rhodium plated jewelry in chemical cleaners. It can wear the rhodium plating off more quickly.
  • Avoid rubbing your jewellery against any hard surfaces.
  • You’ll always want to remove your rings when you’re going to be doing a lot of work with your hands. This goes for when you’re doing tasks such as heavy cleaning and yard work.
  • If you wear your rhodium plated jewelry for more than 2 years, the rhodium plating will wear off.
  • To restore its white and shiny appearance you can have your jewelry re-plated by LL Private Jewellers

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