Black Gemstones, diamonds

Black Gemstones: Buying Guide

How do you rate Black gemstones, as in do you like, maybe even love them and wear them confidently? Or do you avoid them because of that old notion held...

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Pink Gemstones

Pink Gemstones: Here's The Facts

If Pink is your favourite colour and you’re thinking to update, spruce up, or simply add to your jewellery wardrobe you’re sure to have a most enjoyable experience if you’re...

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Moonstone Gemstone

Moonstone Gemstone: Here's The Facts

Though it has never been named ‘an inspiring’ gemstone, the Moonstone certainly qualifies for this distinction because the famous Louis Comfort Tiffany regarded it as as the inspiration for his...

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Tourmaline Gemstone

Tourmaline Gemstone - History, Colours and More

Tourmaline is a complicated gemstone – at least I think so – because it is not a single stone, a single mineral, or a family like the garnet but rather...

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Fancy Colored Diamonds

Fancy Colored Diamonds: Buying Guide

Almost 70 years ago De Beers launched their enduring marketing slogan, “A Diamond is Forever” to promote engagement rings featuring colourless diamonds. The Fancies though haven’t had the same marketing...

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Cats Eye Gemstone

Cats Eye Gemstone, Jewelry: Here's The Benefits

I have often come across the term ‘cat’s eye‘ – you may have too – in relation to certain gemstones. Maybe you have one or more of them in your...

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Tourmaline Gemstone

Tourmaline Gemstone: All Information and Buying Guide

The gemstone with the most amazing range of colours, even an incomparable variety of colours to all others including families is the Tourmaline and therefore it is the one gem...

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Fluorite Gemstones

Fluorite Gemstones: Some Interesting Facts

The first time I saw this beautiful gem I thought it was a Tanzanite or relative of because of its colours – blue with a hint of purple – but...

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Zircon Gemstone

Zircon Gemstone, Jewellery Information

Though a beautiful completely natural stone with its own merits the zircon is perhaps the most misunderstood and least well known gemstone today mainly because it is often confused with...

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Turquoise Gemstone

Turquoise Gemstone, Jewelry - Buying Guide

Turquoise is an ‘old’ gemstone with a history that dates back thousands of years, and known by many ancient cultures from many different areas of the world including the Americas, China,...

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Ruby Gemstone

Ruby Gemstone: All Information and Buying Guide

AKA “King of the Gemstones”, the ruby is the birthstone for July. But what makes the ruby so special to have earned such an illustrious title as the undisputed ruler of the...

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Citrine gemstones

Citrine Gemstones and Jewelry Buying Guides

Like brown, orange has never been one of my favourite colours until I discovered the corresponding coloured gems – brown or chocolate diamonds and orange, orange-red, and tangerine gemstones. Now,...

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