Zultanite Stone, Jewelry and Gemstones

March 18, 2016
Zultanite Stone, Jewelry and Gemstones

When I think of this gemstone I’m immediately mentally transported to a different time and place featuring the image of a Sultan from ancient Persia. In fact, I’m not far wrong because this incredibly beautiful Zultanite gemstone was so named to honour the Ottoman Sultans of the 13th century and comes from only one place on earth: a remote location high up in the Anatolian mountains in Turkey. 

Unlike many other gemstones with impressive pedigrees, Zultanite was not discovered until the late 1970s making it a relatively NEW gemstone.  It is also known as a green stone, not just because of its colour but because of the environmentally safe mining techniques used to unearth it and its positive economic impact both on the miners’ lives and the surrounding areas where the mine is located. 

For those of us interested and concerned about environmental impact in mining practices and the welfare of the miners who toil underground to unearth these gems this is a big plus for the Zultanite when you consider how other miners are so harshly treated in other parts of the world, specifically the South African diamond mines. 

The Colours of Zultanite

Zultanite, like the Alexandrite, is a colour-changing gemstone similar to  the Alexandrite but unlike the Alexandrite that has only the two colours of red and green, the Zultanite exhibits a whole range of colours from champagne, ginger, kiwi or sage greens, yellow, and various pinks including a deep cherry colour and a purplish-raspberry pink. 

This mysterious colour-changing feature or unusual optical effects are collectively referred to as ‘phenomenal’ gems because they exhibit cat’s eye, play of colour and a mesmerizing star effect to create a truly dazzling, exotic, and rare gem. These colour changes occur according to the light source or direction the stone is viewed. 

Example, in daylight, the Zultanite is a true kiwi or sage-green colour; in candlelight or incandescent light its colour changes from champagne to cinnamon, peach, and sometimes a pink or purplish-pink colour, and under fluorescent light it reflects green, making it a gemstone to suit every colour preference. And Zultanite has yet another special characteristic, namely, each stone is spectacularly unique, never exactly like another. So, if you’re looking for a new gemstone that is different, exotic and rare, I whole-heartely recommend the 100% natural colour-changing Zultanite that just happens to be one of my favourite gemstones. 

Myths, Legends or Lore

Actually, the Zultanite has no accumulated myths, legends or lore because it is so new to the gem world. However, its beautiful kiwi colour is said to be calming or have a calming effect and many believe it can assist in the development of psychic power, ambition, and one’s intellect.

For further information about this remarkable colour-change Zultanite or to see it for yourself – you really should see it because no words can adequately describe its beauty – I suggest you see Monika at LL Private Jewellers and prepare to be amazed for a phenomenal eye candy experience.

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