What is Tanzanite, Gemstone & Jewelry: Facts About Tanzanite

August 14, 2021
What is Tanzanite

What colour do you think of when someone mentions a tanzanite? Blue? Yes, it’s blue but not a true or solid blue like the colour of a summer sky, a blue sapphire or an aquamarine. Rather, it’s a bluish-purple or it may be a blue-violet colour or a range of colours from ultramarine to sapphire blue to a fantastic deep blue colour surrounded by a delicate hint of purple. But herein lies my problem of not being able to adequately describe in words this fabulous colour of the tanzanite.

So, if you haven’t seen it or are curious you really should book an appointment with Monika at LL Private Jewellers and see for yourself this amazing gem whose colour changes in different lights and angles at which it is viewed. It’s truly amazing and although blue is not my favourite colour I can honestly say I’m smitten with a Tanzanite maybe because of its purplish tinge that makes it an almost magical, irresistible colour.

Or maybe I love it because it is unconventional, elegant, exclusive, and totally different from all other gems. But if blue is your favourite colour and you want a gem that exudes confidence and individuality and is as unique as you are you really should consider a tanzanite because it will definitely set you apart from everyone else.  A tanzanite, moreover, is not just for one age group – like years ago there was the idea that pearls were only for the mature woman – but perfectly suits women of all age groups.

Other Interesting Facts About Tanzanite

The tanzanite wasn’t discovered until 1967 in – I’m sure you have already guessed – Tanzania by Masai herdsmen tending their cattle on the vast plain in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro. Legend has it that the discovery occurred after a lightning strike fire to unearth the brown crystals – brown being tanzanite’s natural state – that miraculously turned blue because of the heat in the earth. Liking what they saw, the Masai shepherds picked up the exquisite blue crystals and took them away with them. And two years later they were introduced to the gem world by Tiffany & Co in New York and hailed as ‘the gemstone find of the twentieth century’. But what to name them? Some thought they should simply be named blue zoisite because they belong to the zoisite family of gemstones but the gemologists at Tiffany & Co thought zoisite sounded too much like the word suicide so decided instead to name the fabulous gem after its place of discovery which, incidentally, is the only place on earth where a Tanzanite is found. This exclusivity re its place of origin and its remarkable, dazzling colour that can easily rival the finest blue sapphire makes it a comparable substitute for the blue sapphire and a very special and desirable stone. And, equally important, the Tanzanite is now one of the most popular gems in the marketplace coming second only to the “big four” comprising diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies.


While the Tanzanite is comparable to the Blue Sapphire, the recognized birthstone for September, it is not a newly designated birthstone for September. Rather, the Tanzanite is now designated as one of December’s birthstones, along with Zircon, Turquoise, and Blue Topaz.

Myths & Superstitions surrounding the Tanzanite

Being a comparative newcomer to the gem world, there is little history or legend about the Tanzanite, save that of its discovery in 1967 by Masai tribesmen. Similarly, there are no myths or superstitions like those associated with gems that have been known since antiquity, e.g. Pearl and Moonstone. Myths and superstitions aside, however, you should know that a Tanzanite is not particularly hard, being a 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale so you should treat it gently and carefully and ALWAYS have it professionally cleaned and NEVER allow it to come into contact with acids.

Hopefully, this introduction to the Tanzanite gemstone has sufficiently whetted your appetite or curiosity and you’ll visit LL Private Jewellers where, guaranteed, you’ll be amazed and smitten as I am at its incredible beauty.

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