Rubies Gemstone Vancouver

September 11, 2021
Rubies Gemstone Vancouver

First thing I learned – you may already know this – is that the ruby is  known as the King of gemstones and is therefore the undisputed ruler of the gem world mainly for its magnificent red colour symbolizing fire, warmth, and blood. No wonder then, that the ruby is often given as a token of hot, passionate love rather than a calm, controlled affection. But it is also synonymous with power and that is why it often adorns royal regalia.  Additionally, the ruby enjoys the reputation of being one of the most valuable gemstones in the entire world and those of exceptional clarity are extremely rare. 

It is also extremely hard, second only to the diamond, and thus resistant to scratches, and its brilliance outshines all other gemstones of similar quality. Equally interesting is the fact that all natural rubies stones have imperfections such as colour impurities and inclusion of needles known as ‘silk’ and therefore must be treated in some way – usually heat – before cutting. Now, if you are perhaps thinking these imperfections are bad or detract from the ruby’s beauty or value you would be in error because they are the true indicators of the ruby’s authenticity and enable the gemologist to determine if the ruby is real or synthetic. 

A Cautionary Tale about Rubies

It is fairly common knowledge that the supply of rubies cannot match or keep up with the demand. This shortage has therefore lead to a hoax being perpetrated on the public, in the form of lead glass-filled rubies appearing in the market. They may look the same and may even cost as much as the genuine ruby, but beware they are anything but and they will discolour if they come in contact with many household products, including lemon juice. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about, and you can most definitely trust the personnel at LL Private Jewellers to tell you the truth! So, if you’re thinking of buying a ruby, ALWAYS ask for full disclosure, and if the ruby is real or lead-glass filled and save yourself some grief and a lot of money.

LL Private Jewellers sell fine quality of  rubies of all shapes and sizes. For more information about rubies please contact us.

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