Quartz Gemstones & Jewelry Buying Guide

December 21, 2015
Quartz Gemstones & Jewelry

Until quite recently I associated quartz only with watches or other time pieces that require constant, precise oscillation in an electrical field and while this is correct quartz is also a beautiful gemstone making it a truly unique multipurpose mineral. Yes, quartz is a mineral that has been known since ancient times when it was used to make crystal balls and bowls.

Nowadays, though, is it most frequently set in gold jewellery making it one of the most versatile and popular gems on earth because of its variety, range of colours and affordability. Saying quartz is a single gem like an emerald, ruby, tanzanite, etc, however, is not technically correct because it is in fact a group of gemstones of two different varieties or branches – macro-crystalline and cryptocrystalline –  that are then further subdivided into more specific names or types of gemstones we know as citrine, amethyst, ametrine, onyx, agates, and the less common or unusual drusy quartz and rutilated quartz.

Quartz Colours

As you might expect from this abundant mineral, quartz colours are truly spectacular like those of a rainbow or every colour of the spectrum ranging from pink to purple, green, blue, yellow, brown, and even colourless. The most highly valued stone in the quartz group or family of gemstones is the Amethyst in that beautiful purple or violet colour. 

But the others, though maybe not as prized as the Amethyst, are equally beautiful, e.g. the yellow Citrine; the Lemon quartz in a more lemony yellow colour than the Citrine that tends to heavier orange tones; the incredibly beautiful Ametrine in its dual colours of the yellow-orange golden Citrine and the violet or purple colour of the Amethyst;  Rose Quartz are pink  or peachy in colour; the Smoky quartz are brown; the Blue quartz often marketed as Capri Blue because of its sensational blue colour, and the Green quartz whose colour is that of leeks. As well, though, there is the stunningly gorgeous Mystic quartz that started out as a colourless quartz that was then treated by the new high-tech enhancement process like that applied to topaz to create a brand-new gem similar to the Mercury Mystic Topaz or the Northern Lights Mystic Topaz. 

Other unusual colourless or transparent quartz specialties are the Drusy Quartz whose surface is covered by tiny, sparkling crystals, and the Rutilated Quartz that displays a landscape of shining golden needles within it. Each pattern is different making this gem unique and one of a kind and highly valued because of the inclusions where normally most varieties of transparent quartz are most valued when they show no inclusions. 

Quartz Myths & Truths

Most gems are believed to have certain mystical powers; quartz, especially the Amethyst is no exception. Leonardo da Vinci, in fact, wrote that not only was the Amethyst the most valuable stone in the quartz family but that it was able to improve one’s intelligence and dissolve evil thoughts. Amethyst is also believed to cure headaches and other ailments. 

The Amethyst was a favourite of ancient Egyptian royalty, Catherine the Great of Russia, and in earlier days the favourite stone among high-ranking officials in the Christian church who designated or named it as ‘The Bishops’ Stone’. Amethysts are also in the British Crown Jewels. 

Quartz Jewellery Design

Quartz, by whatever name, is the ideal gemstone for all types of jewellery or sculpture for that mater because it ranks 7 on the Mohs Scale making it durable for everyday wear and use. It is also fairly affordable and most are natural stones, never heated to intensify colour or treated – the only exception being the Mystic Quartz. 

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