Pink Gemstones: Everything You Need To Know

September 26, 2023
Pink Gemstones

If Pink is your favourite colour and you’re thinking to update, spruce up, or simply add to your jewellery wardrobe you’re sure to have a most enjoyable experience if you’re thinking to choose just one pink gemstone. Why?

Because pink gemstones are found in every gem family in every shade of pink and every price range from affordable to the most expensive. But if you’re looking for a particular shade of pink look no further than the Tourmaline family because there you’ll not only find the best Pink gemstones in every imaginable shade and every colour saturation level but also a good range of shapes and sizes.

And, if you like or even prefer more than one colour in a single gemstone again look no further than Tourmaline because there you’ll find many beautiful bi-colour and tri-colour stones. If, on the other hand, your preference is a solid pink you’re again in for a lovely time choosing just one because of the abundance of pink gems of every type. Also, if you’re looking for pink gems in larger sizes, think morganite and/or kunzite.

Pink gemstones

The Pink gemstones I know and can name without too much thought – you probably know them as well – pink gemstones names are:

  • Pink Diamond
  • Pink Sapphire
  • Pink Topaz
  • Morganite
  • Kunzite
  • Pink Spinel
  • Rubellite
  • Rhodolite
  • Garnet (a luscious raspberry colour)
  • Pink Pearl (AKA South Sea Pearl)
  • Pink Tourmaline
  • Pink Fluorite
  • Pink Zircon
  • Pink Garnet
  • Rose Apatite
  • Rose Quartz
  • and also Pink Quartz.

But this isn’t the complete list because there are at least 24 types of these pink beauties, some of which I have never before heard of and could not identify even if they were placed in front of me.

They are the incredibly expensive Poudretteite ($3,000 per carat) found originally in Quebec and named for the family who owned the quarry where found;

Rhodochrosite from Argentina and the national gemstone of that country and the state gem of Colorado whose colour is a lovely rose-red.

Pezzottaite whose colour is that luscious raspberry similar to that of the Rhodolite Garnet. But also interesting is the matter of its naming like that of the Morganite and the Kunzite named in honour of a particular individual, and the Poudretteite named for a family.

And the others I am unfamiliar with are:

  • Pink Cobalto Calcite
  • Pink Agate
  • Pink Scapolite
  • Rhodonite, and Pink Moonstone.

A surprise on this list though is Pink Zoisite AKA and sold as a Fancy Pink Tanzanite. I had always thought Tanzanite was strictly that beautiful blue with purple but the Pink Zoisite is equally stunning for it’s pink with purple (one of my favourite colour combinations).

To see these Pink gems or for further information about any of them – rare and extremely valuable or otherwise – you should contact Monika or Joe at LL Private Jewellers for their unparalleled knowledge and expertise.

Pantone’s colours for 2016

If you’re a fashionista with a passion for pink 2016 is your year because Pantone – that company in New Jersey that designates a particular colour for each year – has, for the first time ever, named two colours for 2016:

Rose Quartz (also a gemstone) and Serenity Blue (the colour of the summer sky). So, in this respect and in accordance with Pantone’s choice, you have 2 gems to choose from, both of which display both pink and blue (with white):

The exquisite Ethiopian (honeycomb) Opal and the equally stunning Mystic Mercury Topaz.

Please for more information about pink gemstones contact LL Private Jewellers at 604-684-6343.

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