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October 12, 2021
Green Gemstones

When I think of the word ‘greenery’ the first image that comes to mind is the green stuff florists put in their bouquets, green stuff of every description, leaves, ferns or any type of foliage for decoration.

GREENERY, however, is Pantone’s color for 2017 therefore opening the door, so to speak, for you to adorn yourself in all those lovely green gems in your jewellery wardrobe knowing you’re very fashionable, even a fashionista this year.


If green isn’t your favorite color so have avoided buying green gems, let me enlighten you as to what you’re missing because there are at least 15 gorgeous green gems, starting with the ‘top drawer’ emerald followed closely by the Russian Chrome Diopside (2 of my personal favourite gemstones), tourmaline, peridot, tsavorite, alexandrite, jade, garnet, diamond, apatite, chrysoprase, chrysoberyl, garnet, fluorite, and another favourite of mine, the absolutely stunning paraiba tourmaline.

You should also contact Monika and/or Joe at LL Private Jewellers to see these beautiful gems in person to see what you’ve been missing. All of these gems, also, fit the category ‘greenery’ because they are all varying shades of green, from the palest (the fluorite and apatite) to the deepest green (the Chrome Diopside). So, if you want to sparkle in GREENERY this year, you really need to investigate green gems.

But don’t be fooled into thinking that all green gems are the genuine articles that were created by some cataclysmic event in nature, such as an earthquake or volcanic eruption because not all are the real thing. I refer here to the gorgeous green Helenite, similar in colour to the Chrome Diopside, which was featured months ago on the Liquidation Channel. I loved the colour but had to check it out for myself and while its origin is an interesting story, the Helenite gemstone is a fake.


The Helenite’s story begins in 1980 with the eruption of Mt. St. Helen’s in Washington State (US) when an enterprising scientist, chemist or perhaps alchemist took some of the superheated volcanic rock dust into his lab where he, or maybe she, created the Helenite gemstone. Its clear, vivid green has earned it the label, ‘America’s Emerald’ because it rivals the emerald’s colour but however beautiful and considerably less costly than the ‘top drawer’ emerald, it is still a fake, a lab-created gemstone just like the cubic zirconia.

This is really a cautionary tale encouraging you to deal only with reputable, trustworthy gemologists like Monika or Joe at LL Private Jewellers because anyone – I’ve even heard it said that certified gemologists have been fooled by really good cubic zirconia – can buy ‘a pig in a poke’ thinking they’re buying the genuine green gem of whatever family when in reality it’s a lab-created gemstone such as the beautiful Helenite.

Considering the list above of genuine green gems in a variety of prices, from really expensive (emerald) to the more affordable but equally beautiful (tsavorite, apatite, or fluorite) why settle for a fake gemstone?

For more information about the green gemstones please contact LL Private Jewellers at 604-684-6343.

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