Fluorite Gemstones: Some Interesting Facts

October 25, 2021
Fluorite Gemstones

The first time I saw this beautiful gem I thought it was a Tanzanite or relative of because of its colours – blue with a hint of purple – but more subtle or muted than the colours of the Tanzanite.

The next time I saw it that first perception changed because other colours – green, pink, and purple – were present and visible in the single stone. Now, we all know the 4 Cs – carat, colour, clarity, cut – used to grade gemstones, the most important of which

I believe to be the cut because cut wrong that particular Fluorite gemstone would have had none of the brilliance and those easily discernible colours, which is why I hold expert cutters in the highest esteem.

Fluorite also has excellent clarity and brilliance. It has, however, a tiny flaw, if we may call it that, though not one that is discernible, namely, its low hardness, only a 4 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness – compare that to a diamond that is a 10 on the Mohs Scale – causing it to chip or shatter unless handled properly by an expert cutter. Additionally, the Fluorite has many remarkable colour combinations and/or variations giving it the added dimension of being able to mimic other gemstones, e.g. Tanzanite and my personal experience above of wrongly identifying it as a Tanzanite.


Some Interesting Facts about the Fluorite

Unlike many gemstones that were only discovered in the 20th century, the Fluorite is an ancient stone whose history dates all the way back to the Roman Empire where the Roman historian Pliny the Elder commented that it was his most precious substance because of its many appealing features. One of these features is of course that mimicking ability, just like the Red Spinel that has fooled even gemologists into wrongly identifying it as a ruby. A similar mistake often occurs with the Purple Fluorite with it being classified or identified as an Amethyst. Another feature is that the Fluorite is a natural stone that needs no heat treatment to enhance its colours.

Fluorite Colours

The Fluorite’s colours run the whole gamut of the colour spectrum – an incredibly beautiful Green, Blue, Pink, Violet, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Black, and even colourless – as well as the more muted or pastel hues of the dominant colours, hence the term ‘the most colourful mineral on earth’ next only to quartz, given by gem collectors all over the world. As well, there are also banded and zoned Fluorites, e.g. the Zebra Fluorite whose colours are black and white and the exquisite “Rose de France” whose colours are a lovely blend of rose and teal. And, for ‘the icing on the cake’, so to speak, the Fluorite is a mesmerising colour-change stone that requires no imagination to see the colour shift.

Fluorite Sources & Myths

Like quartz, Fluorite is found in many areas of the world including England, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, India, and many of the U.S. States. But being a lesser-known stone, there are few recorded myths excepting one from the ancient Romans who believed it would prevent drunkenness if the vessel that held the alcoholic drink was carved from Fluorite.

Then too in the 18th century, it was ground into a powder and mixed with water as a treatment for kidney disease. And, like many gemstones that are believed to hold certain extraordinary powers, the Fluorite is no exception because it’s said to attract wealth, build self-confidence, protect, strengthen analytical ability, and promote harmony.

All of these believed metaphysical qualities and incredible range of colours make the Fluorite a most desirable stone at a very affordable price. But because of its mimicking feature you need to buy from a source you can trust. And anyway, to see it up close and personal, you really should call Monika at LL Private Jewellers and prepare to be amazed.

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