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August 26, 2021
Adura Cut Diamond

“Twinkle, twinkle little star / How I wonder what you are / Up above the world so high / Like a diamond in the sky”. Most likely, everyone knows this nineteenth-century children’s nursery rhyme that came into my mind recently when I looked at a small shining star clearly evident in the night sky. Almost immediately other thoughts about diamonds flooded my mind accompanied by the words sparkle, glitter, brilliance, luxury that are synonymous of, or we associate with diamonds.

But what if your diamond, like that little star, neither glitters nor twinkles? How can you be sure it’s real and not a fabulous fake that could fool even the most experienced diamond specialist? The same question could be asked if you owned a ruby, emerald, sapphire, or any other precious or semi-precious gem that you paid a great deal of money for.

What Is the 4 Cs in a Diamond?

There are of course tests to ascertain the true nature of the stone but a good indicator, to my mind, is the cut (one of the 4 Cs – colour, clarity, cut, carat – used to grade a diamond to determine its value and subsequent cost). Why? Because too shallow a cut can render the stone, whether coloured or no colour, dark and lifeless with no trace of brilliance, glitter, or sparkle thereby diminishing its appearance and value. That little star in the night sky that neither sparkled nor glittered could well illustrate the point had it been a real diamond on a black background.

Another indicator or marker of authenticity, believed by many though hotly disputed by others, is diamond certification. Those who see its value – I’m included here – believe it should be the fifth C. If you happen to be in the group opposed to making certification the fifth C, consider for a moment the possibility, or in many instances probability, of being duped by an unscrupulous seller if, say, you bought a diamond online. But you’re smart, so you wouldn’t buy a diamond on eBay or any such place, would you? Believe me when I say an appraiser wouldn’t do that, nor would he give an appraisal of a stone he couldn’t see or hold in his hands because pictures can be, and often are, photo-shopped to make the diamond(s) appear bigger and with more brilliance than they actually are. And you certainly don’t want to pay a huge sum and end up with ‘a pig in a poke’. So, if you are considering a diamond purchase, be a smart shopper and deal with a reputable company, like LL Private Jewellers in Vancouver, where you can see the actual diamond and speak to the appraiser who will honestly tell you what the diamond is worth and anything else you want to know.

LL Private Jewellers specialize in selling fine quality diamonds of all shapes, colors and sizes at very competitive prices.

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