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September 04, 2021
Custom Jewelry Vancouver

Have you ever wondered, like I have, how custom jewelry is made?  Have you ever seen a piece of custom-made jewelry? If you have, you must surely have admired the creative ability of the artisan and, perhaps like I with no such talent, been totally in awe of the masterpiece. Some people, like the elderly Russian carver (in an email I recently received) who creates animal forms from scraps of wood, just ooze with talent. The jewelry designer, artist I refer to here is such a person.

But, if you’ve never seen custom-made jewelry of any type – ring, brooch, pendant, etc – you only have to think of something special to you, say your favourite flower, and visualize it as a ring on your finger or a brooch on your lapel, or maybe there is something in nature that represents good fortune that you would love to wear as jewelry in the form of a brooch or a ring. Either or both could be yours, your own unique creation, custom-made jewelry to your specifications.

Now that I have your interest you may be wondering if such a place exists in Vancouver. Yes, there is and you are in for a rare treat when you visit their premises at #418 -736 Granville St., Vancouver, BC.

Please take a design tour of the custom ring.

But first, a teaser in response to how custom jewelry is made: think of a candle…

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