Custom Wedding Bands | Design Your Own Wedding Bands

Custom Wedding Bands | Design Your Own Wedding Bands

Custom Wedding Bands | Design Your Own Wedding Bands

I’ve heard it said that your wedding band is the single most important item of jewellery you will ever own. If that’s true, then you owe it to yourself not to skimp but to make it the most fabulous ring you have ever seen, unique to both of you, and maybe with the intention of making it into an heirloom. Oh, I know, that’s a long way in the future while you’re just still planning your wedding.

But, it is food for thought, is it not? You may, of course, be thinking you always wanted a plain gold wedding ring just like your mother’s or grandmother’s but given the many different designs in various metals used today for engagement and wedding rings you may have revised your thinking and are now contemplating something entirely different to make your ring as special as you are and as special and unique as your love for each other.

Custom Wedding Bands Vancouver

Also, if you’ve had your engagement ring custom made to your specifications – wouldn’t you prefer your wedding ring complement your engagement ring? Maybe you see your engagement ring melting into your wedding ring with identical stones to those in your engagement ring? Or maybe you see it in platinum, white, yellow, or pink gold, or a combination of white, yellow, pink tones in a pattern that’s close to your heart, or entwined with the gem stones in your engagement ring? If you’re having difficulty with a pattern, think of some cultural symbol or emblem that is significant or special to both of you. Example: two of my friends are Scottish so they had their sensational wedding bands made in white and yellow gold in the beautiful Celtic spiral pattern. The custom wedding bands are identical, just differing in width (his a bit wider than hers).

If you are neither Irish nor Scottish the Celtic spiral may have absolutely no significance for you rather than just liking it or any of the other Celtic patterns – entwining lovers knots, hearts knots – stunning in any metal with or without diamonds or other gem stones. In other words, pattern possibilities are endless because they are synonymous of or represent the two of you. And, if you can imagine it and describe it, the custom wedding bands designer at LL Private Jewellers can see it and create it for you in platinum or gold.


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