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September 29, 2021

The Tsavorite belongs to the Garnet Family of Gemstones and like the Green Garnet it is sometimes mist kingly identified as an emerald because its colour is similar to that of an emerald though with a greater brilliance than the emerald. It is also more robust than the emerald, measuring 7.5 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, meaning it will not easily splinter or crack when being set or worn.

Like the Zultanite, the Tsavorite is a NEW gemstone having been discovered less than 50 years ago first in Tanzania and later in Kenya and it is also a YOUNG stone despite its lengthy geological history. The story of its discovery is better than any Hollywood script and therefore, in my opinion, would make an extremely entertaining movie so, to all of you out there who like to write who have aspirations of being a script writer, the discovery of the Tsavorite could be your ticket to fame and fortune. 

The Story of the Tsavorite Discovery

The year was 1967 when British geologist Campbell R. Bridges, looking for gemstones in a very dangerous location in Tanzania, found some strange potato-like lumps in the rocks that, when opened, revealed some incredibly beautiful green grains and crystal fragments. Imagine such a discovery, like an archaeologist unearthing an unknown tomb in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings or elsewhere! Such a find, Bridges could hardly believe his eyes, his luck! Unfortunately, at that time, it was not possible to export gemstones from Tanzania but Bridges, being a geologist, knew all about the earth’s strata and the movement of the continents 50-60 million years ago so he surmised that the particular area where he discovered the green grains was not necessarily the only stratum but that it might extend into Kenya.

He was right and therefore, in 1971, he again discovered the brilliant green grains. Like Tanzania, this area too was dangerous with snakes and patrolling wild animals looking for prey so Bridges lived in a tree house while the excavation continued and to secure the gemstones he set a python over them to deter his workers, who were afraid of snakes, from stealing the gemstones. At that time though the Tsavorite was known only by gem specialists but in 1974 Tiffany & Co. began a promotion campaign to introduce Tsavorite, so named for the nearby world-famous Tsavo National Park, and the site of the original find, to the world. 

Tsavorite Colour Range

In addition to that vivid, radiant green similar to that of the emerald, the Tsavorite’s colour range goes from a delicate, refreshing green like that of new leaves in springtime to an intense blue-green to a deep forest green. And because of its great brilliance and luminosity it is an equal partner to the classics or precious gemstones: diamond, sapphire, and ruby.

These colours are also true, meaning the Tsavorite needs no treatment of any sort, making the Tsavorite a very special YOUNG gemstone with a long, interesting history dating back millions of years and because of its beautiful colour, good wearing qualities, great brilliance, and reasonable price when compared to the emerald, the Tsavorite can lay claim to being a truly HONEST gemstone of great value.

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