Jewelry Insurance Claims

Jewelry Insurance Claims

These are the steps to take following the loss or theft of your jewelry article:

  1. In case of the accident or loss of your jewelry items, please contact your insurance broker immediately. Please always report burglary or theft to the police.
  2. File a claim with your insurance company
  3. Decide if you would like reimbursement or replacement of your jewelry article.
  4. If you choose to get the article replaced, please book an appointment with us.
  5. For the appointment, please bring a previous appraisal and, if possible, a photo of the article. The more information you provide, the more accurately we can replace the article.
  6. A quote will be written for an identical replacement article that you will need to submit to the insurance company.
  7. After you receive the payment, we will the start the procedure to recreate your article, including a gemstone viewing (diamonds or coloured gemstones) and resin model (wax designs of your jewelry) samples.
  8. Your replacement item will include an appraisal from an independent jewelry appraiser.
  9. Submit the new documents to your insurance company.

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