Wax Carving or CAD (Computer Assisted Design)

Wax Carving or CAD (Computer Assisted Design)

Wax Carving. A Traditional Method in Jewellery Design

We create most wax patterns by hand as it requires a great deal of skill.

Wax carving has been the best practice for thousands of years.

To sculpt jewellery designs we used much harder wax than the candle wax. The wax is so hard, so it can stand up to carving tools by the jewelry designer.

Once the sculpture is complete, we’ll call you to view it. We can still do some modifications, if it is required.

We use 90% traditional wax carving technique in our custom-made jewellery design. Please take a production tour of custom jewelry wax carving.

CAD (computer-assisted design) Jewellery Design. Technological Innovation

They are used to create 3 dimensional models with great accuracy and detail that is only possible when using specialized computer software.

There are many types of CAD programs used to design jewellery and we can work with files from any CAD program, including Matrix.

From your drawings and designs, we can create a precise computer model. When the CAD file is complete, we print the wax model with the wax printing machine.

Printed waxes needs no clean up and are hard to modify before casting.

When you are happy with the look of the wax, we can proceed with casting the wax in white/yellow/rose gold, platinum or palladium. Whichever process we use, we create beautiful custom jewellery that matches your style.

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