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Purple Tanzanite Gemstone

Tanzanite Gemstone Vancouver

March 23, 2020

Unlike many other gemstones – Moonstone, Pearl, Opal, Lapis Lazuli, and Amethyst that were known in antiquity –Tanzanite is a youngster or even a baby in gem-world terms of age because it’s only 52 years old this year. Also, unlike many other gemstones, we do not know for sure who discovered the Tanzanite because there […]

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Purple violet amethyst, iolite, tanzanite, rubellite, sapphire, spinel

Ultra Violet Gemstones

May 10, 2018

Pantone Pantone’s colour choice for 2018 is Ultra Violet, an intense, exhilarating, stimulating, even intoxicating colour similar to the colour of the Amethyst but a deeper or more intense shade of violet. Like purple, violet also has a strong connection to spirituality and the uncanny ability – like ultra violet light – of seeing things […]

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Tanzanite Tanzanite


November 18, 2014

What colour do you think of when someone mentions a tanzanite? Blue? Yes, it’s blue but not a true or solid blue like the colour of a summer sky, a blue sapphire or an aquamarine. Rather, it’s a bluish-purple or it may be a blue-violet colour or a range of colours from ultramarine to sapphire […]

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