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Jewelry Repair Vancouver

June 16, 2013

A client brought this old ring to us for repair. Being almost 100 years old, it was in serious need of cleaning and restoration. When restored it was to be given by the client as a surprise to her grandmother on her birthday, 4 days away. That meant we had 3 days to give new […]

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Vancouver Jewelry Repair Services

February 20, 2013

A client came in today with an old ring in need of repair. It had been worn by his grandmother for 50+ years and left to him in her Will. Being of such great sentimental value there was always reluctance to change the ring in any way. Recently, though, he confided, he had begun to […]

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jewellery repairs - polishing jewellery repairs – polishing

Jewelry Repair

January 20, 2013

When we purchase an expensive item like a diamond engagement ring, wedding ring or a Rolex, we believe naively the item will last forever, neglecting to think about maintenance. However, these items do require repair work, which tends to start at around the 10-year mark of normal wear. Of course, jewellery repairs can be delayed somewhat through […]

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