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Topaz and Citrine gemstones

November gemstones

November 28, 2020

The birthstones – yes, there are two – for November are Topaz and Citrine. They are not related, as being in the same family, for the Topaz belongs to a silicate mineral family whereas the Citrine belongs to the quartz family. They are similar in hardness on the Mohs Scale, for the Topaz is an […]

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Yellow gemstones Yellow gemstones

Yellow gemstones

December 23, 2017

Yellow is one of my favourite colours because it goes with every colour in the spectrum, even giving those colours desirable golden highlights. Yellow stones also brighten up your looks making you look even more glamorous And, appropriately, a yellow gem, the Citrine, is the birthstone for November making it an excellent choice to lighten […]

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Citrine gemstones Citrine gemstones

Orange Citrine gemstones

May 18, 2016

Like brown, orange has never been one of my favourite colours until I discovered the corresponding coloured gems – brown or chocolate diamonds and orange, orange-red, and tangerine gemstones. Now, I can honestly say I love orange gemstones and have several favourites that are so stunning they almost take your breath away.    Before identifying […]

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