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September 01, 2021
Jewelry Repair Services Vancouver

A client came in today with an old ring in need of repair. It had been worn by his grandmother for 50+ years and left to him in her Will. Being of such great sentimental value there was always reluctance to change the ring in any way. Recently, though, he confided, he had begun to rethink his decision to leave the ring as is in its original state. Why? Because he wanted to give the new ring with all of its sentimental value to his girlfriend. Consequently, the time had come for the ring’s transformation. He admitted he knew little about fine jewellery and absolutely nothing about custom jewellery but he had every confidence our goldsmith could create an unrivalled anywhere ring from the old one with the little personal information he could supply. That information consisted solely of his girlfriend’s ring size and her two favourite colors of pink and orange.

For this ring’s repair and transformation:

  • we supplied new pink and orange princess sapphires
  • re-set the sapphires into a channel setting
  • resized the ring from size 6 to size 7
  • polished and rhodium plated the entire ring

When the client came back to pick up his ring from LL Private Jewellers he was genuinely surprised, even astonished at the changes we made to his old ring. Wish I could have been there to see the look on his girlfriend’s face when he presented her with the ring that had been specially repaired for her from his grandmother’s ring.


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