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August 19, 2021
Jewelry Repair Vancouver BC by LL Private Jewellers Sapphire Ring (before)

A client brought this old ring to us for repair. Being almost 100 years old, it was in serious need of cleaning and restoration. When restored it was to be given by the client as a surprise to her grandmother on her birthday, 4 days away. That meant we had 3 days to give new life, new beauty to that old ring, and great joy to the grandmother. Our Goldsmith promised that definitely the restored ring would be ready on time.

Goldsmith did the following repairs:

  • Properly resized the ring from size 6 to size 7.5
  • Supplied and Reset all new sapphires
  • Examined all prongs and found many to be very weak and fragile
  • Repaired the prongs by re-tipping them
  • Did a complete Metal finishing and polishing.

When the client saw the new ring she could hardly believe it was the same ring she had brought to us 4 days earlier. The following week she called back to tell us about her grandmother’s reaction when she saw the ring. Her grandmother, she said, was almost in tears when she saw the new ring but also delighted with it’s transformation and the skill of our Goldsmith. She also wanted us to know that she will enjoy the ring for many years to come and was looking forward to showing it off to all her friends.

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